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Transportation ONLY


Transportation ONLY



(within 0-5 mile radius of Cheery Tots)

+ $3/add'l mile (outside 0-5 mile radius of Cheery Tots)

*Overtime Fees/Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up

5 for every minute for each child

Late Payment Fee

30 on the 2nd day after due date

+ $5/day after that until overdue payment is made

One-Time Supplies Fee

50 (due at Enrollment)

Deposit (varies for each age group)

2 weeks rate (applied towards last

              2 weeks in care)


*Overtime Fees/Early Drop-Off/Late Pick-Up

A $5 Fee for every 15 minutes will apply if your child:

  • needs to be dropped off earlier than 6am

  • needs to be picked up later than 10pm

  • needs to stay longer than 10 hrs from sign-in (day rate)

  • needs to stay longer than 12 hrs from sign-in (overnight rate)

Late Payment Fee

If you choose the Hourly/Daily Pay Option, your payment is due no later than your child’s pick up time on that same day.  If you choose to pay weekly, your payment is due no later than the first daycare day of that week.  If you choose to pay monthly, your payment is due no later than your child's first daycare day of that month.  Payments may be made by check or cash.  We accept electronic payments through only, but please be informed that you will be charged $1 convenience fee for each transaction or re-occuring payment.  If at any time your payment is late, you have a grace period of 1 day after the due date to make the payment without charge.  On the 2nd day after the due date, there will be a $30 Late Payment Fee plus an additional $5/day on the 3rd day and each day after that if you still have not made the overdue payment.

At most times, we understand that there may be unfavorable circumstances, and we may reconsider charging the Late Payment Fees ONLY at our discretion.  The success of our home child care depends upon the prompt payment of tuition/fees in order to take care of day-to-day expenses that are encountered. 

One-Time Supplies Fee

A $50 Supplies Fee is due at Enrollment and covers the cost of a number of needed expenses such as daily infant supplies, replenish arts/crafts materials, new pack-n-plays, new toys, new mats, as well as tax-preparation fees.

Deposit (applied towards last 2 weeks in care)

A deposit of 2 weeks rate (varies for each age group) is required on the first week of care and must be made no later than the second week. This is to protect us, the child care providers, from not receiving payment after a parent has given 2 weeks notice, while the child remains in our care. With that said, your deposit will be applied as payment for your child's last 2 weeks in our care if you have given 2 weeks notice. If your child stops attending Cheery Tots without notice of your child's last day in our care, you will NOT receive your deposit back as his/her unannounced last day will serve as the 2-weeks notice. If at the rare chance you plan to do that, it is up to you to have your child be in our care for the next 2 weeks so as not to waste the 2 weeks payment we will not return to you.


At this time, we will not be extending any availability for you beyond the paid 2 weeks, as we have already opened the availability for other families on the unannounced last day. We understand there may be a rare reason when a parent may immediately make a decision to move their child without notice, and it is ONLY up to our discretion to return your deposit ON A CASE TO CASE BASIS if you have not given notice of your child's last day. Bottom line is, we expect you to communicate with us if you anticipate any major changes in your life that may affect your child and that may be a major concern to us.  If your financial situation does not allow you to meet this requirement, we are willing to arrange a 12-week equal payment installment agreement.

We understand that having enough cash for 2 weekly rates on top of the weekly full-time rate is impossible for the most of us who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, so we are willing to arrange a 12 equal payment arrangement to be added on your weekly rate that will make up for the deposit. 12 weekly installments will fund your 2 weeks DEPOSIT on your child's 3rd month of attendance. If you are opting for this arrangement, we require at least 3 months attendance for you to receive DEPOSIT credit towards the LAST 2 WEEKS when your written notice is received. You may decide to pay off the deposit earlier than 3 months if you are able to, and you will receive the DEPOSIT credit should you decide to give 2-weeks final notice for any reason, but only until after your DEPOSIT is fully funded.



An additional daily rate of your child's age group for each extra day will apply or hourly rate for every hour if care needed is less than 4 hrs in a day.


If there is ever a time your child needs a 6th and/or 7th day outside of the scheduled full time week (4-5 days), you will be charged an additional daily rate for each extra day or hourly rate for every hour if less than 4 hrs in a day.  Overtime Fees still apply every time  your child stays over 10hrs from sign-in on any given day, including instances when he/she will be absent on scheduled daycare days for that week.  Cheery Tots Child Care may waive the Overtime Fee ONLY at our discretion in consideration to your emergency/situation.  On instances when your child is absent on any of the 5 scheduled daycare days and needs care for another day (check rates for Weekend/Holiday Care) during that week outside scheduled daycare days, you will be invoiced the Daily/Weekend Rate for care needed between 4-10 hours or the Hourly Rate for 3 hours or less. 

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