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At Cheery Tots, we JUST LOVE BABIES at their very young stages.  We love seeing them grow and reach weekly developmental milestones.  Most of all, we just simply cannot get enough of the cuddles, giggles, hugs, and just overloaded cuteness.  To better meet the needs of our infants, please click on the "INFANT ASSESSMENT FORM" & have it completed upon enrollment.  Please remember that their current eating habits must be updated every 30 days until they turn 1 year old.

At Cheery Tots, we utilize the Brightwheel app to try to give you live updates on the first or second week as they transition into our care.  After the two-week transition period, a verbal report of what their day was like will be given at end of day during pick-up time.  Please understand that taking care of the children's day-to-day needs are our priority, and updates will depend on our free time during the day.  Therefore, they may not be in real time as we are only able to do it when all the kids are resting.  We do our best to keep online updates on your child's first to second week as they are transitioning.  Updates beyond that are rare unless you specifically inform us on days you anticipate your child's day may be out of the norm for any reason.



Naturally, we will communicate any emergencies or incidents immediately, but online updates are our least priority from our day-to-day operations unless a parent specifically asks on days a child may be especially feeling sick or tired from home.



If constant live online updates are expectations you have for your child, please understand our home setting may not be a good fit for your family's needs.  Please consider other centers that provide this service to you as we are unable to do this daily for every child in our care unless he/she is transitioning into our care.

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