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I have a Daycare Director Certification and 10 growing years of experience in child care, while regularly teaching mixed age group Sunday School class at our church-plant ministry.  I currently have 5 years experience in operating an in-home daycare and have 3 years prior experience in foster care with my parents.
Ever since I worked as a Part-time Preschool Teacher's Aide in Hawaii, I discovered the joy in working with young children and decided this is what I want to do with my life.  My passion for the little ones grew over the years as I interacted with them from my experiences as a Teacher's Aide (1 yr), Church Volunteer Preschool teacher (10 yrs), and providing care for my young foster brothers and sisters under 8 years old over 3 years prior to operating our in-home child care.  For 2 months, I have experienced caring for my young foster siblings (ages 7, 5, 4, and 1) on my own day after day from waking up till bedtime, and it was indeed challenging, but very rewarding.  I am also a Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid & CPR AED certified.



I have been a Foster Mother of more than 24 children under the age of 10 in the past years.  I have also raised 2 adult children of my own.  I have always loved to minister to children and I have never stopped caring for the precious ones even when my own children have grown.  I am privileged to nurture & love them, train them to also love the Lord and others, and experience Him daily.
In Hawaii, I have been a nanny for 4 years of 3 siblings, one of whom I cared for since birth.  In my early years in life, I established a preschool along with my husband, became a preschool teacher and guidance counselor myself at the same time for 9 years.  I have also taught Church Sunday School for children and adults over the years in the ministry and am an Infant/Child First Aid and CPR certified.



I have been a Foster Father of more than 24 children under the age of 10 and am pastoring a 5-yr old Filipino-American church plant at the same time.  It is very challenging, but it is a blessing to minister to young children and adults at the same time.  In the past 3 years of fostering prior to opening our home for in-home child care, I have loved building the playground for our little ones, and enjoyed playing with them even more.  We spend alot of time for outdoor fun with nature in our humble backyard.


I have raised 2 children of my own who are now grown adults, and have cared for more than 24 foster children in the past 3 years in our home.  In my early years in the ministry, I became a Christian School director & founder of the Preschool we established in our home country, where I built the first classroom with my wife as the first teacher, & my daughter as the first student, which extended to High School level within 9 years by God's grace.  I am also Infant/Child First Aid and CPR certified.





I have observed and learned from my whole family as they've taken care of young children from years of ministry, foster care and operating the child care business.  I've always supported them by building and improving our backyard including all play spaces for the children as we've updated our space for more than 10 years of embracing children in our homes.


My role has always been to ensure all the physical aspects of our childcare environment is up to code and maintaining safety and maximizing fun play possibilities for our youngest to oldest toddlers.  Recently, I have taken up the challenge to serve as fulltime assistant caregiver at our first location with Ms. Christi.  I am also Infant/Child First Aid and CPR certified.

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